The practice of Yoga and Dance…

Through the practice of yoga and dance we have the ability to realise the amazing potential of the human body, being and beyond! Not only can we maximise our physical health but connect with the infinite dance of energy that resides within.

‘Without the body how can the highest human goal be realised?’ Kularnava Tantra

Through Yoga and Dance we can awaken our awareness towards the joy and freedom within, manifesting positivity and peace for ourselves on an everyday basis. In my classes I endeavor to help us…

 ॐ experience freedom and joy through a movement and breath connection

ॐ bring balance and harmony to our inner and outer self 

ॐ revitalise and heal the body becoming fit, healthy and supple

Yoga is for everyone and everybody and I look forward to welcoming you to one of my classes in Ashburton or Totnes.

Ashburton Yoga Classes

I will be away on the following dates so there will be no classes: Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th, Friday 19th, Thursday the 25th, Friday the 26th September 2014.

New Pregnancy Yoga Class Opening June 19th

See the ‘Classes’ section for more info.

pregnancy yoga in ashburton

Booking now for our nourishing October retreat

See the ‘retreats’ section for more details…

Oct 2014 retreat


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